HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone

HI-MACS is an advanced mineralmaterial that excists out of 75% natural minerals en pigments which are bounded with an acrylate. The natural acrylic stone which originates out of this proces is very sustainable.

This material has an closed pore, is weatherproof, ivisible glueable and because of the thermical shape abilty’s its almost possible to give it every thinkable figure. The material is excisted against very much acids and biting liquids. Thanks to the closed pore, this material is well cleanable and very hygienic.

HI-MACS is adjustable in laboratory, medical facilitys, but also in shops, hotels, ship building, and the catering industry.
Tinnemans Medical Design makes it possible for you to deliver the following HI-MACS colours:

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