X-ray glass

We are importer of Schott Glass RD50 RD30 x-ray glass for the Benelux. For additional information please refer to: www.rontgenglas.nl of www.rontgenglas.be Photo gallery Click on the image to enlarge

HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone

HI-MACS is an advanced mineralmaterial that excists out of 75% natural minerals en pigments which are bounded with an acrylate. The natural acrylic stone which originates out of this proces is very sustainable. This material has an closed pore, is weatherproof, ivisible glueable and because of the thermical shape abilty's its almost possible to give [...]

Reception and Controlroom desks

We design, produce and install the business card of your company, the reception desk. With an eye for detail and maintaining functionality we provide a warm welcome from your patients or relations. Ergonomic work areas, whether or not fitted with electric height adjustable worktops, increase the job satisfaction and reduce absenteeism within your practice or [...]

Hospital furniture

Years of knowledge and experience in the field of hospital furniture, have made us a specialist. We translate your wishes to your desired end result. Functionality, practical aspects and requirements of the end user, are key terms for us. Photo gallery Click on the image to enlarge

X-Ray protection

In the field of x-ray protection, we offer you a wide range of products in a desired finish. You cab think of lead screens, lead frames, lead doors, wall coverings with a lead inlay, etc. All products from 0,5mm Pb to around 40mm Pb. Our modular system is guaranteed leak proof, can be taken apart [...]

Medical trailers

For the interior in your medical trailer, you've come to the right place. We only use high-quality, lightweight materials, the right color scheme and layout provide ergonomically sound furnishings, not insignificant in these limited spaces. Photo gallery Click on the image to enlarge Video's